High Rise Cleaning

High Rise Cleaning

Whenever making a commercial decision, it is always best to get as much knowledge about said services as possible. We recommend get a number of quotes from different company before making any decisions, especially when it comes to commercial high rise window cleaning service. This is because it is pivotal to ensure that you can the […]


With our amazing high rise window cleaning service, we guarantee that your building will be sparkly and shiny in no time. We provide you with all the solutions you need for anything related to high rise maintenance. With SZ Bumi Asia Sdn. Bhd. Window Solutions, we can assure you that you do not have to […]

High Rise Cleaning Equipment

High rise building cleaning personnel tend to use large platform and often found working in pairs. However, sometimes when working on smaller buildings, a one-seated harness equipment known as Bosun’s Chair is used to allow easy access for the cleaners. With the number of glass windowed skyscrapers gradually increase, the overall demand and request for […]

High Rise Cleaning

High rise window cleaning is a difficult and challenging work! High rise window cleaning personnel in Malaysia are able to effectively earn at least RM 400 per day whilst hanging from some of the tallest buildings in the Malaysia. As years gone by, Malaysia has saw an increase of at least 50% in commercial as […]

External Glass Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how the windows and glass on Malaysia skyscrapers and high rise buildings get cleaned? The answer is a Professional External Glass Cleaning Service.